Our quality policy

 HÜDAVERDİ CONSTRUCTION LTD. Sti. has adopted the principle of being one of the most reliable and preferable companies in its sector, and arranged its management and quality policy accordingly.
    – Our aim is to fully respond to the expectations of our customers and to increase the competitiveness and development power of our company.
    – The management determines the objectives and plans for implementation and development of quality policies and provides the necessary support.
    – ı QUALITY ”is a lifestyle. Ir QUALITY ir is designed, produced, controlled and developed. Ür QUALITY ır is provided and maintained with the voluntary support and responsibility of all employees. We work to achieve company and unit goals within team spirit.
    – Our goal in manufacturing is ”Making the Right at First Time – and“ Zero Error -. It is an indispensable principle to manufacture and deliver the products we manufacture in a timely, complete and trouble-free manner.
    – Providing timely and perfect technical support and service is an indispensable part of our understanding of veril QUALITY -.
    – Through our promotion, training and auditing, we ensure that our business partners, suppliers and auxiliary industrialists participate in our quality process, and we strive to make all our business processes more efficient and more efficient.