Mission & Vision

OUR VISION: To closely follow the developments in the world, to invest in profit and efficiency in our country and in areas that will make us strong, to achieve success and positive results in every field we invest; to carry our success in the national market to the international platform; HÜDAVERDİ İNŞAAT LTD. is committed to adopt the philosophy that it is necessary to think big in order to grow and stay bigger by contributing to economy, employment and production. ŞTİ’s vision is formed.

    OUR MISSION: To create value for our country, customers, business partners and employees, to respond to expectations with quality and stability, to go further with new investments and breakthroughs, not to leave righteousness and honesty in every step we take, to follow the developing technologies closely, HÜDAVERDİ İNŞAAT LTD. to provide products and services at international standards by exceeding customer expectations and to ensure development and continuity in all conditions. ŞTİ’s mission.